The Barefoot Method is  a unique system of Unlocking Mind, Body & Growing Spirit.

It's an understanding that nothing acts in isolation, in other words, what happens in the mind, plays out in the body & plays out in your life.

This approach provides you with the opportunity of creating true & lasting change in your life. It addresses past patterns & future dreams.

It addresses how, where & why you stop yourself moving forward & gives you tools to finding inner freedom.

But this is just the beginning. We all understand these days that the body is made up of different systems woking as one. If one area is lacking, we need to draw from another to find balance in the system. The same rules apply in nature & in the greater universe!

'The barefoot movement' classes are focused on coming back into your body, feeling it from the inside out. Laying the foundations at the core.

As your core starts to function properly, muscles that have been taking over & doing all the work the core should be doing, can now take a back seat ...

Concomitant pressure point therapy will help to release these overworked, tight & painful muscles enabling them to work as a team again ...

Hahnemann Healing will address the blockages in your nervous system & release further tension from your body & emotional state ... ( your nervous system is connected to Everything!)

The combination of these techniques used in conjunction with each other & with the specific pattern & needs of  Your body, allows you to move forward in a truly new & empowered way.

Barefoot Birth Studio
6c Ramsey Blvd, Inverloch

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