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These Barefoot Movement classes are designed to optimise interoception.


If we think of Interoception as the 7th sense, we'd recognise this sense is often left behind in our fast paced lives.

Proprioception is about where the body is in space, Interoception is about how your body feels. When you are tuned in, you make appropriate (and often unconscious) behavioral decisions in order to return to homeostasis.

A primary benefit is that good interoception helps dissipate unconscious muscular tension in your body. When you start to unravel holding patterns you may not even know you had, you start to diminish the affects of stress on your system.

Research suggests that poor Interoception lies at the heart of many chronic diseases.

Sense of Self

Perhaps an even more important benefit of developing Interception skills is that good Interoceptive awareness creates a stronger sense of identity.

The interceptors interface with a brain region - the insula - which plays an important role in our sense of self. 

In this crazy fast paced world we live in, are you being called to come back in?

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