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Ancient Egyptian Emotional Healing

Get to the heart of your issue

Hahnemann Healing offers a deeply powerful yet peaceful release of trapped emotions. 
Unresolved emotions don't just disappear. They are stored in the body and need to be flushed out. If not flushed out, these negative emotions are suppressed, pushed deeper into the body where they 'snowball'.
They influence and intensify how you react to all sorts of triggers because what goes on in your subconscious is shaping your reality, often without you even realising. 
By healing the cause of emotional issues rather than learning to just cope or survive the symptoms, you may experience greater freedom, joy and fulfilment

'Spiritual Counselor'

"Creating A New Way Forward"

Hahnemann Healing Training

Become a Hahnemann Healer

If you feel drawn to specialising  in emotional healing, then becoming a Hahnemann Healer could be for you.
Your training is conducted over six intensive days in small groups of like energy people.  The timing of the training sessions is generally organized to fit in with your life. Time is given in between your training days for you to practice what you have learnt on the last day, increasing your energy and healing ability before beginning the next day’s training.
The strict protocols of Hahnemann Healing are taught, along with the requisite amount of spiritual knowledge and how to conduct the healings.  Healing is done on a massage table to accompanying soft music, amidst high healing and loving energy.
Qualified Healers are given information on the range of emotions they can treat, along with specific information on where to locate the healing point and how to send energy to that particular point.
Client sessions usually take one hour, commencing with a talk with the client about either the reason they are seeking healing, or what has transpired since their last healing session.  Once the client lays on the healing table they are given a Balance, followed by treatment to no more than three points relating to different emotions.
Either after each point or at the end, the Practitioner will discuss with the client what they felt through the different points and will help the client to understand what their feelings meant.  They then follow up with the client within three days to ascertain what has transpired in the client subsequent to the healing session.
Clients are generally booked into a series of three healing sessions so it can have the proper effect.  Typically, these sessions are one week apart.
The client will react to each healing session differently, however, they will feel the effect of the healing during the session and often leave feeling uplifted.
Being a Hahnemann Healer will take you deeply into the lives of your clients and great satisfaction can be derived from helping your clients release long held blockages which in turn will allow them to react differently to situations that arise in their life.

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