Concomitant Pressure Point Session

Physical Healing Technique

Concomitant Healing is a truly exquisite form of healing brought forward from Ancient Egypt to treat physical pain in the body caused by overuse, injury, degeneration or emotional issues. It works in a very quick and direct manner.

Concomitant means "one follows the other". The points healed on a client are done in an order that naturally follow each other  on an energetic trail throughout the body, until all points are cleared.

This therapy is designed not only to increase the flow of energy through the body, but also to release the tension held within the muscle structure, where physical or emotional issues are trapped.

It is a healing modality requiring the application of pressure using either the thumb, index, or forefinger, along with an associated healing colour. A concomitant healer is qualified and highly skilled at following the energetic pattern of blockages in the body.

This is the secret and essence of concomitant healing.

 Every part of your body receives signals and instruction from the brain, this is how the body operates.  There is no set path to healing, Every-Body is different, therefore the energetic pathway is unique to every person.

Hence a total physical healing experience occurs, not just the injured area.

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