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Core Foundations

This 90 minute workshop is great for those  wanting to make sure they know how to connect to their core before joining other exercise classes. This class compliments any other  fitness classes you may be taking.  

You will learn how to safely activate your entire core. You will understand your pelvic floor & quite possibly throw away some very old & damaging beliefs of how the muscles of the  pelvic sling function. This workshop holds one of the secrets to moving through your pregnancy with strength & ease.

Your bub will thank you because you will learn to exercise in a way that nourishes this tiny life inside of you, instead of depleting it of much needed nutrients.


I believe the most important part of this work is learning how to quickly come back & calm your nervous system, how to FEEL your body & work with your baby. The benefits of this during your labour and beyond are a true gift. 

"A woman working with her birthing instincts, will be active & spontaneous, Rhythmic & Primal" - Rhea Dempse









Labour Training

The benefits of exercise throughout pregnancy are beyond what I could list here, there are literarily hundreds of benefits & to leave any out feels wrong as they are All Equally important & often feed into each other. (booklets available in studio)

Your 45 min Labour Training class is based on correcting functional movement. As your body changes, we need to balance the over active and under active muscles and With your new alignment. Corrective  exercise specialists also teach you how to really feel  your body. This training is not just physical, it works in the same way labour works, you'll discover when your mind gives up before your body.  You'll learn to quickly tap into your parasympathetic nervous system (calm/rest state) with a particular breathing technique. 

We  are working with really feeling the muscles you and your baby will be working with during birth. Can you imagine the benefits of working With your body & your baby! 

Birth is primal, it's painful, its an exercise in endurance & mindset. 

It is also intuitive & trusting of yourself. You are learning to feel what your body & your baby, you are learning to work together in unison. 

This not a one dimensional exercise class, it a complete mind-body approach.

I look forward to working with you and your bubba.








Core Restore

Being a Post Natal Doula, I  don't believe it's wise to rush yourself back into exercise at the 'all clear' 6 week mark. 

This is a phase we need to strengthen from the inside, out. We need to re-establish connections in our new body & address any issues we may be experiencing. This is a phase for healing & preventing problems long term. 

The concept of 'bouncing back' is not something I promote or believe in. I do believe in helping you get to know yourself as a new mum & woman, I do believe in helping you move forward, not bounce back. This 6 week program is designed to re-awaken, re-connect & rejuvenate your connection to core.

You will learn techniques that you can take to life & to any exercise you choose.  What I see all to often after birth, is women exercising using all the wrong muscles, creating higher hips, sore lower backs & shoulders, adding stress to an already stressed body... & WAY to often I find a diastisis that you never knew you had, sometimes not until 10 years later!!

It's really upsetting.

To correct & reawaken your core, I use a method of breath work, gradually applied to  movement. I use concomitant pressure point therapy to release the tight over worked areas that have been hanging on throughout your pregnancy so your core can take over & hahnemann healing to calm your nervous system,  promote healing & help you connect to the new you.

The combination these methods are applied, is as Unique as You.

Every Mind, Every Body, Every Pattern is unique & 

YES you'll feel like a new woman. As a mum & a postpartum doula I understand this phase of life & am here to support you on your journey.


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